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Decoding #Nevdis codes #NSW / #WA


Nevdis is government body in Australia that handles intra-state data on cars. It uses a unique set of identifiers to describe cars, and here is a break down of what they mean:

For example


FOR = Ford (Make)

FMT = Fairmount (Model)

GH = GHIA (Variant)

F2 = ?? (This blog post will be updated as I find more information on this)

40 = 4.0 Litre engine

G6I = First 3 digits of NVIC code “Glasscode”

2007 = Year registered

A = Last digit of NVIC code

This information may be relevant to those using the NSW / WA states on the http://www.carregistrationapi.com/ API for Australia.


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  1. September 21, 2018 at 11:54 am

    Note, you can now use the API http://carregistrationapi.com/api/bespokeapi.asmx?op=CheckAustraliaExtensive to get VIN numbers in NSW / WA


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