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Passing foreign charachters in a URL

January 25, 2006 Leave a comment
If you are calling a URL, and need to pass a foreign charachter in the url (say í), you may find that the remote server doesn’t understand what you have sent. This is a trick I found to encode it properly



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Getting more out of your 500 Internal Server Error

January 10, 2006 Leave a comment

When you make a request from .NET to a remote page, and that page crashes with a 500 error. the exception thrown doesn’t normally tell you anything more than a 500 server error has occurred. You can get the exact html from the page using this:




httpresponse = (HttpWebResponse)httprequest.GetResponse();


catch(Exception e)


if(e is WebException)


WebException wexError = (WebException)e;

if(wexError.Status == WebExceptionStatus.ProtocolError)


WebResponse wrError = wexError.Response;

Stream stmError = wrError.GetResponseStream();

StreamReader srError= new StreamReader(stmError);

string strError = srError.ReadToEnd();







This really helped me!


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