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Reconnecting ADSL programatically

I had an issue that my ADSL connection kept disconnecting every few hours, which meant that I manually had to go and open
the local web interface to my ADSL modem (Binatone), and press connect.
I figured out how to do this from code, by making a GET request to the following URL, my ADSL was reconnected.

WINDWEB_URL = %2Fdoc%2Floginout.htm&

simple_ppp_username = xxxx&

simple_ppp_pwd = xxxx&

wanAdapterSelection = 0&

wan_encapsulation = 0&

wan_VPI = 0&

wan_VCI = 38&

PPP_connection_number = 1&

New_PPP_Action = 0


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VPN option greyed out in Windows XP

When setting up a VPN connection on Windows XP Pro, I found the VPN option greyed out.
Searching on the net, people said that the Remote Access Connection Manager service wasn’t running, however when you try to start this, you get an Access Denied error, and a "cannot allocate buffers" errror in the event log.
This is actually due to a registry corruption,
To fix it, go to HKL:MSystemCurrentControlSetRasmanPPPEAP then delete subkeys EXCEPT 13 & 4. Then reboot the pc.
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