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Iframe preloader

This is a nice bit of javascript to put a pre-loader on an Iframe, so your users have something to look at while an Iframe is loading
<iframe id="imgGraph"></iframe>
           <script language="JavaScript">
            var graph = document.getElementById("imgGraph");
            graph.contentWindow.document.write(‘please wait’);
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Changing the dataType of a DataColumn after it has data

I was looking into a problem where a datagrid had a datetime field that was being sorted alphabetically rather than chronologically.
This was happening because the datacolumn was a string rather than a DateTime, it had to remain a string for formatting purposes. You can’t change it by Just saying DataColumn.DateType=… because the column had data already: However, this is how I changed it:

private void changeColumnType(string columnName,System.Type newType,ref DataTable inputTable)


DataColumn dcUpdated;

dcUpdated = inputTable.Columns.Add("_temp_", newType);

foreach(DataRow drUpdated in inputTable.Rows)


drUpdated["_temp_"] = drUpdated[columnName].ToString();



dcUpdated.ColumnName = columnName;


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App.path for access

I was just looking for the equivalent of App.path for access macros – it’s CurrentProject.path
(i.e. the location of the current database on disk)
Just back from a weekend in Rome, with my girlfriend Anna. If anybody is thinking of going to Rome, I have to recommend a lovely coffee shop called Area 5. Just accross the bridge, from castello della angeli, then up a side street towards piazza Navona. Lovely food, and very cheap too!.
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