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Bluetooth on Android

I came accross the APK file for BlueTooth for android, Bluetooth_File_Transfer_4.20.apk, which if you rename to a ZIP you can decompress. You then can convert the resulting DEX file into a JAR using DEX2JAR. Then you can convert the JAR into Java classes using JD-GUI.

The resulting source code can be seen here:

Worth a look.




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403.14 mvc

If you get the error 403.14 when opening a MVC based web application, then here are a few checks:

  • Ensure that you have a web.config in both the root and Views folder
  • Ensure that MVC 2 is installed on your webserver
  • Run C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30128\aspnet_regiis -i 

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Free App Hub account, without Dreamspark

In order to get a Microsoft App Hub account, you can either pay 100 USD or, if you are a student, use a Dreamspark account to get in for free. If you neither want to pay the 100 dollars, and are no longer a student, then we can offer you a free account.

If you would like to publish an app on the Windows Phone 7 App hub without an account, then simply send us the XAP file, along with the required graphics and a description, and we will publish it on your behalf. Email us at with your app.

Graphics required are:
Application icon included in package (62×62 PNG)
Application tile image included in package (173×173 PNG)
Small tile (99×99 PNG)
Medium tile (173×173 PNG – normally this would be the application tile image)
Large tile (200×200 PNG)
Background artwork (1000×800 PNG – this is optional)
Description Text
Keywords Text
One or more application screenshots (480×800 PNG)

We do not offer outpayments, but your app will be published as a paid app. If you want your app to be published as a free app, then contact us for a price. Updates to apps will be charged at a reasonable rate.

During the approval process, if your app fails, then you will be given one attempt to fix it. If you fail a second time, then a small charge will be requested before we submit subsequent times. A PDF will be sent to you describing the fault.

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GIF Proxy – Convert GIF to JPG (for Silverlight)

One of the most irritating features of Silverlight, is that it can’t handle GIF images. There is the Imagetools library from CodePlex, but it’s complex to implement.

Here’s a simple way of doing it, via a GIF proxy. This is a simple web page that takes a url of a GIF image in the querystring and outputs a JPEG:

Example: Here’s a GIF:

And Here’s it as a Jpeg: http://{removed}/GifProxy.aspx?url=

Great for Silverlight, WP7 (Windows Phone 7)  etc.

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CrossDomain.xml proxy

Ever tried to request a url in Silverlight, or WP7 to be stopped because you need to have a crossdomain.xml file installed in the root of the server.

Here’s a solution, a crossdomain.xml proxy.

Call http://<url>/CrossDomainProxy.aspx?url=http://YOURDOMAIN/YOURSCRIPT

and http://<url>/CrossDomain.xml is set to accept all hosts and requests.

Therefore even if there is not a CrossDomain.xml policy file on your server, you can use this proxy to bypass that.

Please, if you use this, give this blog a link back!, and a thank you would be nice!

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