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Nokia X Try & Buy Pilot


Unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona was the Nokia X, the first Nokia phone to run Android.

Keen to get started, I submitted an app on the day, to the Nokia Publish site, although, it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised I never set a price point for the app. Believe it or not, There is no simple pay-to-download option for Nokia X apps. – Gasp –

So, after research, I see that Nokia are piloting a Try & Buy scheme using in-app payments. Here is the technical details I’ve found about it:

Nokia Try&Buy Pilot – Developer Guide

  1. Select your apps for T&B
    1. Create the app metadata in Publish, if new app.
    2. Create the Product ID (and related metadata) in Publish
      1. Remember to include: Display name, short and long description and Global Price Point (recommended 3 to 5)
    3. Choose the type of trial
      1. Time based (180 seconds) or usage based (3 plays)
      2. You can change the duration of the trial, 180 seconds is the default setting.
    4. Fill the T&B configurations in the table below with the following information: Content ID, Product ID, Display Name, Price Point, Trial Type (time vs plays) and Trial Duration
  1. Send your APKs and T&B configurations to the partner manager
    1. Use the cloud storage information provided to you by your partner manager
    2. Package your files in a single zip file with a meaningful name (eg PacMan_T&
    3. Upload your package in the storage provided
  1. Nokia T&B team will wrap your APKs and upload a new package in the same folder
    1. Name of the file will follow this format: (eg. PacMan_T&
    2. Your partner manager will notify you when the package is ready
  1. Sign your APKs and upload to Publish
    1. If premium, convert your app to free (App must be published as free)
    2. Change the content file name (not the display name) to end with _TRYBUYNOK (Eg. PacMan becomes PacMan_TRYBUYNOK)
    3. Add the following sentence to the Content Description: This content has a time-based free trial which provides the user with free access to the content for a limited time period.
    4. Modify your application icon in order to include the wording “Free trial”. Example
    5. Make sure to sign each APK with your signature, upload them Publish and submit your app.
    6. Notify your PM once these steps have been completed
Title Title 1 Title 2 Title 3 Title 4
Content ID
Product ID
Display Name
Price Point
Trial Type
Trial Duration
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Find duplicate name values in resx files

resx A Resx file is used to define localized text in a .NET application. It is an XML file, which is primarily in the form:

<data name=”Whatever”>
<value>Some Translation</value>
Comments to the translator
The data name attribute is supposed to be unique, since the code uses it to determine what translation to use. However, if a duplicate has crept in, then it can be awkward to find this in a large file.
Here was a quick solution using javascript, Drag the rex file into Chrome, and open up the developer console, and copy and paste in the code:

var datanodes = document.getElementsByTagName(“data”);var strNames = [];for(i=0;i<datanodes.length;i++){strNames.push(datanodes[i].getAttribute(“name”));};strNames = strNames.sort();var results = []; for (var i = 0; i < strNames.length – 1; i++) { if (strNames[i + 1] == strNames[i]) { results.push(strNames[i]); }}; console.log(results);

It will then list any duplicate name vales.


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