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Control a #Linux machine from C#


If your architecture involves both Windows and Linux machines, and suddenly Apache crashes, or you otherwise lose contact with the Linux machine, then normally this requires a linux admin to go in, and restart services. But, you can also have your Windows machine remotely monitor these services, and kick them off itself.

  • Ok, this is a contrived situation, it’s more about if you’re a good c# programmer but are clueless around linux – like me.

Anyway, there’s a NuGET package which you can install using Install-Package SSH.NET,  then you can get C# to connect to your Linux server as follows

string strOut = “”;
// Install-Package SSH.NET
using (var client = new SshClient(“”, “root”, “password”))
var result = client.RunCommand(“/etc/init.d/httpd restart”);
strOut = result.Result;


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