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#Car #Stock #Photos API with bulk download option


CarImagery.com  is a website that gives business’ in the auto trade industry access to thousands of quality, licensed stock photos of cars. To spruce up catalogue pages with glossy images of cars.

For $19.99 per month, you get unlimited access to an API, that will look up car images, and return one to you based on your search criteria, or if you prefer to hold the data locally on your own server, you can download our 100MB database of car imagery and data. You can preview a sample of it on the website. – This is updated every 6 months to account for new cars entering the market.

There is a free version to try out, but it is not licensed for commercial or educational use, and will block excessive usage.

For .NET developers, here’s some sample code:

Open a new project in Visual Studio, in this case, we are assuming a console application, but the steps are identical for other project types too.

● Right click on the project, and select Add > Service Reference
● Change the namespace to CarImagery
● Enter the address www.CarImagery.com/api.asmx into the address bar.
● Press OK.
● Enter the following code in the Main() method

var carImagery = new CarImagery.apiSoapClient(“apiSoap”);
var strUrl = carImagery.GetImageUrl(“Ford Fiesta”); System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(strUrl);

● Press Run, and your default browser will open with an image of a Ford Fiesta car.




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