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“Hello World” Blackberry App

I read in this month’s VSJ that Blackberry are launching a IPhone-esque Appstore called "Blackberry Appworld", So, I went and created a developer account at, and downloaded the VS2008 plugin.

I dropped on a button and label onto the form, and clicked the button, and added the code:

function Form1_btnSayMyName_Click()
    Dialog.display("hello world");

I ran the project, and then I can now click on the button, and it says "Hello World".

Now, that’s the short version,

The long version, is that I had to reboot my computer twice, disable my anti-virus, and anti-worm protection, switch to the 8100 emulator, rather than the default, and generally trawl through unhelpful debug information such as this gem:

Access violation reading from 0x00000008

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