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Air Quality #API for Northern Ireland



This is a simple API based on the data available from http://www.airqualityni.co.uk/ by default, it will return a daily mean of Yesterday’s Automatic Monitoring Data for all pollutants, for all regions in northern ireland.

To specify a specific date, other than yesterday, use a date parameter in the querystring, such as http://airquality.derrycreativescollective.com/?date=01/01/2019

Source: https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/AirQuality

Sample data:

  "Date": "03/07/2019",
  "Site": "Armagh Lonsdale Road",
  "Pollutant": "NO",
  "Daily_Mean": "26",
  "Status": "P",
  "Unit": "µg/m³"
  "Date": "03/07/2019",
  "Site": "Armagh Lonsdale Road",
  "Pollutant": "NO₂",
  "Daily_Mean": "17",
  "Status": "P",
  "Unit": "µg/m³"


Developed by http://www.derrycreativescollective.com / http://www.infiniteloop.ie

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