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#Webcam streamer #app using C#


This is a bit of a resurrection of an old project http://mobilewebcam.co.uk/ – How it works, is that there is a iOS App available here “https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mobile-webcam/id652758590” which reads images that are posted to a URL via a Windows application that is downloadable here; http://j.mp/webpalm – and there is a Webservice here; http://www.mobilewebcam.co.uk/webcam.asmx

So, bascically, the windows application uploads images contstantly to the service via the webservice, and the mobile application reads the url of where the image should be from the web service, and constantly refreshes the image. If the connection is fast enough, it looks like video – although always a bit jerky.

Is it a great design, no – but to be honest, for me, this was about bringing an old app and website back to life, and I was surprised it still worked, all I did was renew the expired domain name!

You can probably see the age, from the links to Palm and Windows Phone, both of which are obsolete now!



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