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Australian Car #Rego #API now supports WA

AustMap_WAWestern Australia is home to 2.5 Million people, with it’s capital city Perth, comprising 1.8 Million of those.

Up until now, it was a missing part of our Australian Car registration API, at http://www.carregistrationapi.com  – which supported every other state in Australia, apart from WA, but now the picture is complete, and the API now covers all of Australia.

Like other states in Australia, the data returned depends on where the car is registered, but Western Australia is quite generous with the data;

WA (Western Australia)

  • Description
  • Make
  • Model
  • Registration Year
  • Colour
  • Body Style
  • VIN number
  • Engine size
  • NVIC (National Vehicle Identification Code)
  • Transmission

Sample Json:

{“Description”:”MITSUBISHI Triton Double Cab Utility GL-R (4×4)”,”RegistrationYear”:”2011″,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”BodyStyle”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”Gl-R (4X4) 4-Speed Auto”},”Colour”:””,”VechileIdentificationNumber”:”MITTRIGN1125KWW2011A”,”Engine”:”2.5 litre, 4 cyl diesel turbo, MN MY11″,”extended”:{“nvic”:”KWW11A”,”driveType”:”DOUBLE CAB UTILITY”,”family”:”TRITON”,”variant”:”GL-R (4×4)”,”model”:”Triton Double Cab Utility”,”colour”:””,”code”:”MITTRIGN1125KWW2011A”,”make”:”MITSUBISHI”,”fuelType”:””,”capacityValue”:”2.5″,”series”:”MN MY11″,”engineDescription”:”2.5 litre, 4 cyl diesel turbo, MN MY11″,”bodyDescription”:””,”bodyType”:”Gl-R (4X4) 4-Speed Auto”,”cylinders”:”DT4″,”year”:”2011″,”capacityUnit”:”L”,”transmissionType”:”Auto”},”State”:”WA”}

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