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#UAE / #Dubai Car registration API

burj-al-arabWith a population of 9 Million, and a GDP of over 400 billion, It’s the seventh wealthiest country in the world per capita, after it’s neighbour Qatar, which is the richest.

We’re hopeful that developers wishing to target the automotive industry in Dubai will want to use or new Car Registration API, which allows you to to determine the make and model of a car from its number plate, if registered in the UAE.

The website for this new API is at http://ae.carregistraionapi.com  – which is currently in English, but we hope to offer it in Arabic shortly.

Car registration plates in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai ,Abu Dhabi, Ajman , Fujairah , Ras Al Khaimah ,Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain)  use the /CheckUAE endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make  &  Model

Sample Json:

{“Description”:”MITSUBISHI CANTER “,”CarMake”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”CarModel”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”CANTER “},”MakeDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”MITSUBISHI”},”ModelDescription”:{“CurrentTextValue”:”CANTER “}}

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