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Car Registration #API available in #Malta

Malta has a population of just over half a million inhabitants, and with the number of cars on the road at 415,000 as of March 2022 (Source CEIC data), meaning that most households have multiple cars, which is not overly surprising as as rather wealthy island nation. Today, we’ve launched our Maltese website https://www.licenseplate.mt/ that provides an API that allows users determine the make / model and VIN of vehicles registered in Malta.

Car registration plates in Malta use the /CheckMalta endpoint and return the following

● Make / Model
● Year
● Engine Size
● Engine Number
● Power
● Fuel
● Body Style
● Tonnage
● Number of Seats
● Representative image

Sample Registration Number:

Sample Json:

  "Description": "PEUGEOT 307",
  "RegistrationYear": "2004",
  "CarMake": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "PEUGEOT"
  "CarModel": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "307"
  "MakeDescription": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "PEUGEOT"
  "ModelDescription": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "307"
  "VehicleIdentificationNumber": "VF33HNFUE4S024189",
  "EngineSize": "1587",
  "Power": "109",
  "FuelType": "PETROL",
  "Body": "HATCHBACK",
  "NumberOfSeats": "4",
  "EngineNumber": "10FX4X2148207",
  "Tonnage": "2",
  "ImageUrl": "http://licenseplate.mt/image.aspx/@UEVVR0VPVCAzMDc="
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