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Verify a #US Driver’s License via an #API in C#

This is an API I discovered while hunting on Rapid API, and it seems like an interesting find, and potential future addition to RegCheck – It’s a Driver License verification API for the US, in some 37 states, which is most of the country – here; https://rapidapi.com/appaio/api/drivers-license-verify-usa/

  var driversLicense = new
            State = "FL",
            DriversLicense = "W426-545-30-761-0", // This particular driver is deceased
            Firstname = "", // Not required in Florida
            Surname = "", // Not required in Florida
            Last4SSN = "", // Not required in Florida
            DateOfBirth = "", // Not required in Florida
            ZipCode = "" // Not required in Florida
        var payload = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(driversLicense);
        using (var web = new WebClient())
            // Get Key here: https://rapidapi.com/appaio/api/drivers-license-verify-usa/
            web.Headers.Add("x-rapidapi-key", "*** Put Rapid API key here ***");
            var result = web.UploadString("https://drivers-license-verify-usa.p.rapidapi.com/DriversLicenseLambda",
            var json = JObject.Parse(result);
            var valid = json["valid"];
            var endorsements = json["endorsements"];
            var validity = json["validity"];
            var information = json["information"]; 
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