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#OpenSource list of disposable temporary email providers.

We’ve just compiled a list of 35,000 temporary email domains, with their associated MX-Records (Mail Exchange servers) and IP addresses associated with the MX-Records. This should allow users to not only block known temporary email address domains, but to discover future domains. It’s easier to register a new domain than to get a new IP address and Mail Exchanger.

You can download this file at GITHUB here; https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/TempEmailDomainMXRecords


A CSV of temporary email domains with their associated MX Records, in the format

DomainMX RecordIP

Where Domain is a domain name associated with a temporary email address such as abc123@tempemail.biz the MX record is a Mail-exchange server associated with that domain, and the IP is the IP of the Mail-exchange server.

Blocking user registrations if temporary email addresses are used can be risky, you can end up blocking a legitimate user.

If you block emails using the domain listed in the domain column, then it is very likely the email is temporary, but fresh “disposable” domains will not be discovered.

If you block emails using a domain that uses the same mail exchanger as the mx-record listed in the “MX column” then this is highly risky, since many legitimate russian users use “mx.yandex.net”, (yandex being the russian equivalent of Google). However patterns of dispostable emails can be discovered and blocked on a case by case basis.

This is an open-source list and we do invite users to contribute by raising pull requests. Please give credit to our work, if you use it. https://www.infiniteloop.ie/

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