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Car Registration #API now available in #Slovenia

Slovenia is a European country with a population of 2.081 Million, and a total of 1.118 million passenger cars registered, giving a car ownership rate of just over 53%. If your business operates in the automotive industry in Slovenia, then being able to streamline the customer onboarding experience by allowing your user enter a license plate, rather than selecting a make / model can both speed up the user intake. The API also reveals information about the vehicle’s insurer, which may not be known to third parties.

Car registration plates in Slovenia use the /CheckSlovenia  endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make / Model
  • Region
  • Insurer
  • Insurance policy number
  • Representative image

Latency warning: This particular request may take over 10 seconds to complete.

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:

“Description”: “Ford (D) Mustang 2,3 EcoBoost Avt.”,
“CarMake”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Ford (D)”
“CarModel”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Mustang 2,3 EcoBoost Avt.”
“MakeDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Ford (D)”
“ModelDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Mustang 2,3 EcoBoost Avt.”
“Insurer”: “Zavarovalnica Sava d.d.”,
“InsurancePolicy”: “000671-4716157”,
“Code”: “MBKECO11”,
“Category”: “Osebno vozilo”,
“Region”: “Ljubljana”,
“ImageUrl”: “http://registrskatablica.si/image.aspx/@Rm9yZCAoRCkgTXVzdGFuZyAyLDMgRWNvQm9vc3QgQXZ0Lg==”

Sign up for 10 free requests to this API today, via http://www.registrskatablica.si/

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