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Greek vehicle lookup #API now generally available.

Greece has a population of 10.72 million, and a 5.28 million passenger cars which is a 49% car ownership rate, which is quite average for an EU country. Based on Eurostat data from 2018, graph below.

Today, we’ve launched our Greek API on the domain πινακιδα.gr which means “License plate” in Greek. The API endpoint is available at http://www.πινακιδα.gr/api/reg.asmx?op=CheckGreece

Car registration plates in Greece use the /CheckGreece  endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make / Model
  • Age
  • Doors
  • Engine size
  • Representative image

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:

  "Description": "KIA Picanto",
  "CarMake": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "KIA"
  "CarModel": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "Picanto"
  "MakeDescription": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "KIA"
  "ModelDescription": {
    "CurrentTextValue": "Picanto"
  "Variant": "1.0i 12v Lx",
  "VehicleType": "ΕΙΧ",
  "Doors": 5,
  "EngineBand": 7,
  "EngineSize": {
    "CurrentTextValue": 999
  "RegistrationDate": "01/07/2008",
  "Region": "Dodecanese - Rhodes",
  "ImageUrl": "http://www.πινακιδα.gr/image.aspx/@S0lBIFBpY2FudG8="

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  1. April 29, 2021 at 9:10 am

    For reference, here is the list of regions used for the Region field:

    Determine the region from a Greek Number plate ( source: πινακιδα.gr )
    ΑΑ Achaia – Patras
    ΑΒ Kavala – Kavala {motorcycles}
    ΑΕ Lasithi – Agios Nikolaos
    ΑΖ Achaia – Patras
    ΑΗ Xanthi – Xanthi
    ΑΙ Aitoloakarnania – Agrinio area
    ΑΚ Laconia – Sparti
    ΑΜ Phokida – Amfissa
    ΑΝ Lasithi – Agios Nikolaos
    ΑΟ Achaia – Patras {motorcycles}
    ΑΡ Argolis – Nafplio
    ΑΤ Arta – Arta
    AY Achaia – Patras {motorcycles}
    ΑΧ Achaia – Patras
    ΒΑ Magnesia – Volos
    ΒΒ Magnesia – Volos {motorcycles}
    ΒΕ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    BZ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    ΒΗ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    ΒΙ Boeotia – Livadeia
    ΒΚ East Attica – Pallini
    ΒΜ East Attica – Pallini
    ΒΝ West Attica – Elefsina
    ΒΟ Magnesia – Volos
    ΒΡ West Attica – Elefsina
    ΒΤ Magnesia – Volos
    ΒΥ Boeotia – Livadeia
    ΒΧ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    ΕΑ Dodecanese – Kos island {motorcycles}
    ΕΒ Evros – Alexandroupoli
    ΕΕ Pella – Edessa
    ΕΖ Cyclades – Ermoupoli {motorcycles}
    ΕΗ Euboea – Chalkida {motorcycles}
    EI Euboea – Chalkida {motorcycles}
    EK Trucks
    ΕΜ Cyclades – Ermoupoli
    ΕΡ Serres – Serres
    ΕΤ Corfu – Corfu {motorcycles}
    ΕΥ Lefkada – Lefkada
    ΕΧ Kilkis – Kilkis
    ΖΑ Zakynthos – Zakynthos
    ΖΒ Zakynthos – Zakynthos
    ΖΕ Thessaloniki
    ΖΖ Athens
    ΖΗ Athens
    ΖΙ Thessaloniki
    ΖΚ Athens
    ΖΜ Athens
    ΖΝ Piraeus
    ΖΟ Thessaloniki
    ΖΡ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    ΖΤ West Attica – Elefsina {motorcycles}
    ΖΥ East Attica – Pallini
    ΖΧ East Attica – Pallini
    ΗΑ Ilia – Pyrgos
    ΗΒ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΗΕ Ilia – Pyrgos {motorcycles}
    ΗΖ Heraklion – Heraklion
    ΗΗ Heraklion – Heraklion {motorcycles}
    ΗΙ Heraklion – Heraklion {motorcycles}
    ΗΚ Heraklion – Heraklion
    ΗΜ Imathia – Veria
    ΗΝ Thesprotia – Igoumenitsa
    ΗΟ Xanthi – Xanthi {motorcycles}
    ΗΡ Heraklion – Heraklion
    ΗΤ Xanthi – Xanthi
    ΗΥ Phthiotis – Lamia
    ΗΧ Imathia – Veria
    ΙΑ Trucks
    ΙΒ Athens
    ΙΕ Athens
    ΙΖ Athens
    ΙΗ Athens
    ΙΙ Ioannina – Ioannina
    ΙΚ Athens
    ΙΜ Athens
    ΙΝ Ioannina – Ioannina
    ΙΟ Athens
    ΙΡ Athens
    ΙΤ Athens
    ΙΥ Athens
    ΙΧ Serres
    ΚΑ Karditsa – Karditsa
    ΚΒ Kavala – Kavala
    ΚΕ Kefalonia and Ithaca – Argostoli
    ΚΖ Kozani – Kozani
    ΚΗ Evrytania – Karpenisi
    ΚΙ Kilkis – Kilkis
    ΚΚ Rhodope – Komotini {motorcycles}
    ΚΜ Messinia – Kalamata
    ΚΝ Pieria – Katerini
    ΚΟ Rhodope
    ΚΡ Corinthia – Corinth
    ΚΤ Kastoria – Kastoria
    ΚΥ Corfu – Corfu
    ΚΧ Dodecanese – Kos island
    ΜΑ Chalkidiki – Polygyros
    ΜΒ Samos – Samos
    ΜΕ Aitoloakarnania – Messolongi
    ΜΖ Messinia – Kalamata {motorcycles}
    ΜΗ Lesvos – Myrina
    ΜΙ Phthiotis – Lamia
    ΜΚ Karditsa – Karditsa
    ΜΜ Pella – Edessa
    ΜΝ Kozani – Kozani
    ΜΟ Samos – Samos
    ΜΡ Laconia – Sparti
    ΜΤ Lesbos – Mytilini {motorcycles}
    ΜΥ Lesbos
    ΜΧ Evros – Alexandroupoli
    ΝΑ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΒ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΕ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΖ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΗ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΙ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΚ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki
    ΝΜ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki {motorcycles}
    ΝΝ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki {motorcycles}
    ΝΟ Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki {motorcycles}
    ΝΡ Thessaloniki {motorcycles}
    ΝΤ Thessaloniki
    ΝΥ Thessaloniki
    NX Thessaloniki
    ΝΧ Trucks
    ΟΑ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΒ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΕ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΖ Athens
    ΟΗ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΙ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΚ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΜ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΝ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΟ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΡ Evros – Orestiada area
    ΟΤ Athens
    ΟΥ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΟΧ Athens
    ΡΑ Florina – Florina
    ΡΒ Corinthia – Corinth
    ΡΕ Rethymno – Rethymno
    ΡΖ Preveza – Preveza
    ΡΗ Rethymno – Rethymno {motorcycles}
    ΡΙ Larissa – Larissa
    ΡΚ Dodecanese – Rodos
    ΡΜ Drama – Drama
    ΡΝ Grevena – Grevena
    ΡΟ Dodecanese – Rhodes
    ΡΡ Larissa – Larissa
    ΡΤ Larissa – Larissa
    ΡΥ Dodecanese – Rodos {motorcycles}
    ΡΧ Dodecanese – Rodos
    ΤΑ Taxis
    ΤΒ Corfu – Corfu {motorcycles}
    ΤΕ Corfu – Corfu
    ΤΖ Piraeus {motorcycles}
    ΤΗ Aitoloakarnania – Agrinio area
    ΤΙ Pieria – Katerini
    ΤΚ Trikala – Trikala
    ΤΜ Argolis – Nafplio
    ΤΝ Trikala – Trikala
    ΤΟ Drama – Drama
    ΤΡ Arcadia – Tripoli
    ΤΤ Rhodope
    ΤΥ Chania – Chania {motorcycles}
    ΤΧ Preveza – Preveza
    ΥΑ Athens
    ΥΒ Athens
    ΥΕ Athens
    ΥΖ Athens
    ΥΗ Athens
    ΥΙ Piraeus
    ΥΚ Piraeus
    ΥΜ Piraeus
    ΥΝ Piraeus
    ΥΟ West Attica – Elefsina
    ΥΡ West Attica – Elefsina
    ΥΤ West Attica – Elefsina
    ΥΥ East Attica – Pallini
    ΥΧ East Attica – Pallini
    ΧΑ Euboea – Chalkida
    ΧΒ Chania – Chania {motorcycles}
    ΧΕ Athens {now used for both motorcycles and cars}
    ΧΖ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΧΗ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΧΙ Chios – Chios
    ΧΚ Chalkidiki – Polygyros
    ΧΜ Athens
    ΧΝ Chania – Chania
    ΧΟ Chios – Chios {motorcycles}
    ΧΡ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΧΤ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΧΥ Athens {motorcycles}
    ΧΧ Athens {motorcycles}


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