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Alternative to rotating proxies using #AWS API Gateway and #FireProx

There are many services out there, that can give you a rotating proxy service, using a pool of IP addresses, and some of those pools are probably huge. However, here is an interesting approach discovered by Black Hills Information Security that can use AWS API Gateway as a proxy – A proxy that can only be used for one domain, but it rotates the Egress IP address with every request, and you’re using the IP address pool of an entire AWS Availability zone, and technically, you could set up multiple region end points, if you wanted.

So, the solution is called FireProx, and it’s a Python script that sets up an API gateway for you, such that you can make a request to the AWS gateway URL, and the request will be proxied to the destination,

For example;


Goes to “http://icanhazip.com” – and nearly demonstrates the rotating proxy IP.

To run it, in Windows (Assuming you have Python and VirtualEnv already installed, and AWS already configured):

git clone https://github.com/ustayready/fireprox
cd fireprox
py -m virtualenv -p python3 .
pip install -r requirements.txt
python fire.py

Then you can create an api gateway using;

python fire.py --command create --url http://icanhazip.com

The GitHub repo is here; so you can verify the source yourself; https://github.com/ustayready/fireprox

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