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Bypass Google #Recaptcha using #CapMonster

Google Recaptcha is a system that is designed to stop bots from interacting with a website, and only allow humans. However, with everything, there is always a workaround. In this demo I’m using CapMonster’s API, which works, but in my opinion is quite slow, here a sample request takes 52 seconds. So probably unsuited to real-time processing.

I used the Nuget Package created by “Mohammed Boukhlouf” https://github.com/M-Boukhlouf/CapMonsterCloud and the full source is here; https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/CapMonsterDemo – without my client ID of course.

Here is the jist of the code;

var start = DateTime.Now;
var client = new CapMonsterClient(secret);
var captchaTask = new RecaptchaV3TaskProxyless
WebsiteUrl = "https://lessons.zennolab.com/captchas/recaptcha/v3.php?level=beta",
WebsiteKey = "6Le0xVgUAAAAAIt20XEB4rVhYOODgTl00d8juDob",
MinScore = 0.3,
PageAction = "myverify"
// Create the task and get the task id
var taskId = client.CreateTaskAsync(captchaTask).Result;
Console.WriteLine("Created task id : " + taskId);
var solution = client.GetTaskResultAsync<RecaptchaV3TaskProxylessResult>(taskId).Result;
// Recaptcha response to be used in the form
var recaptchaResponse = solution.GRecaptchaResponse;

Console.WriteLine("Solution : " + recaptchaResponse);
var web = new WebClient {Encoding = Encoding.UTF8};
var result = web.UploadString("https://lessons.zennolab.com/captchas/recaptcha/v3_verify.php?level=beta", "token=" + recaptchaResponse);
var idxStart = result.IndexOf("<pre>", StringComparison.Ordinal);
var idxEnd = result.IndexOf("</pre>", StringComparison.Ordinal);
var jsonResult = result.Substring(idxStart, idxEnd - idxStart);
var end = DateTime.Now;
var duration = end-start;

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