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Car Registration #API available for #Malaysia

Malaysia has a car ownership percentage of 61%, and a population of 31 million, which is over 18.6 million vehicles. If your business intends to sell to this automotive market, one of the best tools to have at your disposal is an API lookup based on Malaysian Number plates. With this API, you can prompt your user to enter his or her number plate, and receive technical information about the vehicle that they own, to quickly assist your user with the product or service they are requesting.

Our API can be found here; http://www.vehicleapi.com.my/

Malaysia support

Car registration plates in Malaysia use the /CheckMalaysia  endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make / Model
  • Age
  • VIN number
  • Engine size
  • Representative image

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:



  “RegistrationYear”: “2013”,

  “CarMake”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “PERODUA”


  “CarModel”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “VIVA”


  “MakeDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “PERODUA”


  “ModelDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “VIVA”


  “Seats”: “5”,

  “Body”: “HATCHBACK”,

  “Fuel”: “”,

  “Transmission”: “”,

  “VIN”: “PM2L251S002204297”,

  “NVIC”: “HQS13A”,

  “EngineNumber”: “L58B67A”,

  “EngineSize”: “989”,

  “Drive”: “”,

  “Insurance”: {

    “Insurer”: “RHB INSURANCE BERHAD”,

    “CoverType”: “Comprehensive”,

    “PolicyStatus”: “Active”,

    “PolicyNumber”: “D20MPCP3155505KT”


  “ImageUrl”: “http://www.vehicleapi.com.my/image.aspx/@UEVST0RVQSBWSVZB”


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