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Record events to #DataDog with .NET Core / C#

Datadog is a powerful logging tool, great for keeping an eye on servers that may not always have a pretty admin tool.

Here is a code example in C# on how to record an event to DataDog via it’s API. Here I have used my own API Key, (feel free to mess about, I don’t intend to use this account seriously), but evidently, you should get your own API key.

TL;DR – Getting ot the point, here is the Github repo if you don’t want to read – https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/DataDogCSharpCore

Here is the code I used;

 const string key = "f15d23159b008e325e2cf65a04502c05";
var url = "https://api.datadoghq.eu/api/v1/events?api_key=" + key; // EU api endpoint
var oReq = new
	text= "This is the event body",
	title = "This is the event title"
var strReq = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(oReq);
var wc = new WebClient();

	var response = wc.UploadString(url, strReq);
catch (WebException wex)
	var err = new StreamReader(wex.Response.GetResponseStream()).ReadToEnd();
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