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Car Registration #API for #Israel

Israel is a country with 2.9 Million vehicles, and a population of 8.8 million, giving a total car ownership percentage of 33%.

We have just launched an API in Israel, that allows uses to search for a vehicle by license plate (Registration Number), and will return technical details about that vehicle.

This API can be used to determine, the make, model, VIN, and other technical specifications of a vehicle registered in Israel from it’s registration number (license plate). The API applies to cars, motorbikes, and heavy vehicles.

The website is available in Hebrew here ; http://www.rechevapi.co.il/ but, equally, the API can be accessed via any of our other websites, such as here; https://carregistrationapi.com/api/reg.asmx – using the same account, and credits.

Here is an excerpt from our documentation:

Israel support

Offline data available
Car registration plates in Israel use the /CheckIsrael  endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make / Model
  • Age
  • VIN number
  • Fuel
  • Engine size
  • Representative image

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:


  “Description”: “Porsche CAYENNE”,

  “Variant”: “PLATINUM”,

  “RegistrationYear”: 2017,

  “CarMake”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “Porsche”


  “CarModel”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “CAYENNE”


  “MakeDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “Porsche”


  “ModelDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “CAYENNE”


  “VehicleIdentificationNumber”: “WP1ZZZ92ZHLA32339”,

  “Fuel”: “Diesel”,

  “EngineSize”: “2967”,

  “Co2”: “179”,

  “HorsePower”: “262”,

  “IsAutomatic”: “1”,

  “Doors”: “5”,

  “Seats”: “5”,

  “Weight”: “2870”,

  “EngineCode”: “CVVA”,

  “VehicleUse”: “P”,

  “TestDate”: “02/01/2020 00:00:00”,

  “LicenseDate”: “11/01/2021 00:00:00”,

  “MakeHebrew”: “פורשה גרמניה”,

  “VehicleType”: “Car”,

  “ImageUrl”: “http://rechevapi.co.il/image.aspx/@UG9yc2NoZSBDQVlFTk5F”


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