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Super-simple way to deal with non-www #CNAME in #DNS


If you ever needed to point your domain at a external hosting provider, Blogger.com is a good example of this, and you suddenly find that the non-www version of your domain doesn’t work?

Back-up for a second, What is non-www?

non-www is your domain name without the “www” at the start. So “http://MyWebsite.com” is the non-www and “http://www.MyWebsite.com” is the with-www

If you use Blogger.com to host your blog, then you are told to use a CNAME DNS record to point your “www” domain to ghs.google.com , but you can’t set a CNAME on the “@” record (non-www”), and if you try guessing the IP, then you’ll end up breaking it.

TL DR; Want the solution already?

Just add an A record for “@” and point it to IP address , this server will automatically redirect anything that lands there to the “www” version of the same domain.

If you want to take this further, and would like to explore more about hosting websites on your own domain, then take a look at domaindeflect.com

And for people who are techie, or paranoid, the tiny script used to do this is open source on github, here https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/nonwww


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