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Manage your #API firewall from within the dashboard


We’ve always had a way to limit access by IP on our websites like http://www.vehicleregistrationapi.com/ – however, it has always been on request, and that both takes time, and more importantly, if a customer didn’t know about the feature, their API access can be open to the world.

So, in order to make best practice easy, we’ve added a “Firewall” feature to the dashboard, where you can add and remove IP addresses from the firewall.

By default, if you don’t have any IP addresses in the Firewall, it is open to any user on the Internet, but if you want to lock it down – and you should – you can add your server IPs and office IPs to this list. The change takes effect immediately.

You can also use the bin icon to remove IP addresses that you no longer need, so you can keep the list tidy, and your access secure.



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