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#OneStream BTWholeSale Service Information error #ADSL #Broadband


If you use OneStream ADSL broadband, and when you try to connect, you get the above error message; which reads;

You have been connected to this page due to one of the
following reasons. You must now shut down your internet
browser and internet applications before attempting to
reconnect. This may clear the issue immediately, if not then
please select the appropriate action from list below.
1. Your service provider is currently unable to accept your
connection request, please wait and reattempt later or
contact your service provider for more information.
2. You have attempted to access an invalid Service Provider
domain, check your user details.
3. You are testing your connection using
bt_test_user@startup_domain. Please proceed to next ste
as advised by your Service Provider
4. You are testing your connection to your service provider
using bt_test user@domain. where “domain” is your
Service Provider domain name. Please proceed to next
step as advised by your Service Provider.
5. The access circuit to your Service Provider is currently
down. Your service should be resumed soon. Please try
again later or contact your Sewice Provider
Page maintained by BTWholesale

The solution is as follows;

1.       Connect to your router via WIFI or hardwired (hardwired preferred)

2.       Open a browser and type in the address bar (Safari may have some issues)

3.       Sign into the router using the username: ‘admin’ and password located on the back of the router. The password is the access key located in the bottom left of the label on the router. (not the WIFI password)

4.       Click the section names ‘Gateway’

5.       Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Gateway Set up’

6.       About half way down the page select update the information in the username field by placeing dots between the words:  onestreamltd.vodafone.net

7.       Then click save at the bottom.

8. Restart the Router

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