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Car Registration #API for #Iceland


There are 344.664 registered cars in Iceland. The Icelandic population is 338.349. There are more cars in Iceland than people, and the number of cars doesn’t even take into account unregistered cars. It is one of the very unusual countries where car ownership exceeds 100%.

We’ve developed an API that allows developers query vehicle details in Iceland from it’s number plate, using http://www.skraningarnumer.is/

To try out this API, use the /CheckIceland  endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make / Model
  • Age
  • Colour
  • VIN number
  • Representative image

Sample Registration Number: 


Sample Json:


  “Description”: “CHEVROLET MONZA”,

  “RegistrationYear”: 1986,

  “CarMake”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “CHEVROLET”


  “CarModel”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “MONZA”


  “MakeDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “CHEVROLET”


  “ModelDescription”: {

    “CurrentTextValue”: “MONZA”


  “VehicleIdentificationNumber”: “9BG5JK69VGB052234”,

  “RegistrationDate”: “19/06/1986”,

  “NextInspectionDate”: “01/10/1993”,

  “Weight”: {

    “Gross”: “1517”,

    “Net”: “1062”


  “Colour”: “Dökkgrár”,

  “ImageUrl”: “http://www.skraningarnumer.is/image.aspx/@Q0hFVlJPTEVUIE1PTlpB”


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