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Publish a #Google Doc to the web on your own domain name


Writing a Google Doc is super easy, and you can even publish a Google doc to the web with two clicks, but unfortunately, you end up with a URL like this;


Which nobody is ever going to remember, but with DomainDeflect.com you can now use your own domain name, so it can be on http://www.yourwebsite.com not “docs.google.com….” – and it doesn’t cost anything, as long as you own the domain name

Here’s a quick example.


Create a Google doc, and write some text in it, as shown above.


Press File then “Publish to the web”


Press Embed.


Copy the URL between the https:// and the embed=true as shown above. Now go to DomainDeflect.com



In the left box, paste the URL from google, and add a “#” to the end of the url. so it should look something like this;


In the right box, enter your domain name, and then press “Setup”


At this point, you need to set up the DNS on your domain. This means that you need to do is log into the website where you bought your domain name, go to the DNS settings, and add a “CNAME” record on “www” to point to “host.domaindeflect.com”. You should also add an A record on “@” to point to

When this is done, press the “Click here when this is done” button, and it will check the DNS on your domain.


And Voila! once it’s done, you can navigate to your domain name in your browser, and you will see your google doc, with a pretty url. – and it’s perfectly SEO friendly. This example shows “http://gdoc.createfreeapp.com” as a demo.


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  1. December 15, 2020 at 7:37 am

    End the URL with just /pub# at the end, and the website will look better (centered text, and text flows to the side). So, leave out the ?embedded=true (just use the normal URL, not the embedded one, but you must put the # at the end as well).

    Note that links cannot easily be updated in Domain Deflect, so make sure that:
    Your A record is saved in your domain registrar. (I just made the mistake of not saving the A record properly; now I have to contact the developer of Domain Deflect to fix it, because I already pressed “Click here when this is done” on domaindeflect.com)
    Your CNAME record is done. If the domain is new, for example, with GoDaddy, then there may already be a CNAME www record, pointing to @, which needs to be edited.


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