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Free #website #Translation using a translator-proxy


If you want to translate your website into languages other than English, then you might think you have your work cut out, but perhaps not.

WebsiteTranslation.net is a translator-proxy which takes HTML source from your home domain (in english), translates the content into another language, then spits it out onto another domain, which then appears in the new language.

To use it, you set up a subdomain on your website, and use a CNAME DNS setting to point it to “websiteTranslation.net”, on the first visit to the new website, the proxy will fetch content from your domain, translate it to the required language, and then serve the content back, ready-translated.

It supports dynamic content, deep urls, SSL (with let’s encrypt), and will proxy all other types of content, like images, CSS and scripts, without interfering with them.  The initial loading time is quite slow as the initial translation is performed, but afterwards, it speeds up 100-fold, thanks to a caching mechanism.

Although the demo is only for one webpage, if you want your whole website translated, then all you need to do is make a change to your website’s DNS settings to point a sub domain to our servers. No coding required! Your DNS settings are managed by the company who registered your website domain, and the process only takes a few minutes.

SEO Friendly

Unlike many website translation services, where the translated text is not visible to Google’s spider, this approach ensures that Google can read your translated website, and will index and rank it seperately to your main website. You can even get a country-specific ranking-boost by setting the geo-targeting option within Google Search Console

Dynamic websites supported

Every if your website is dynamic, and changes all the time, then the translated version will keep automatically up to date, by always using the latest version of your site. This means that you don’t have to manually update the translated versions of your site.

Fine tuning

Machine translation is far from perfect, and often it can make glaring mistakes that anyone can see. We offer an interface that allows you edit translated text on your website, to perfect the translated version

Getting started.

If you’d like to have your website translated, then you need to edit your DNS settings on your domain to point to our servers, and create a CNAME record to point to “WebsiteTranslation.net” for each subdomain / language you want to have available.

For example, if your website is “www.MyShoes.com”, and you wish to have this website available in Spanish and Italian, then you would set up the subdomains “it.MyShoes.com” and “es.MyShoes.com” and add corresponding CNAME records to “WebsiteTranslation.net”. Of Course, if you happen to own “www.MyShoes.es” and “www.MyShoes.it”, then you can point the CNAMES on these domains also – It’s even better for SEO.

We don’t yet support the facility for translating within the same domain – such as http://www.myshoes.com/it and http://www.myshoes.com/es – but talk to us, if this is what you need, and we can develop a solution for you.

After you’ve set up the CNAME records, you’ll need to tell us that you’re ready to go live. Use the contact us form below, and tell us your domains, and what language is needed for each. Also, tell us if you want automated or professional translation.

HTTPS supported

If you need to have HTTPS (Secure HTTP) on your website, then we offer free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. These gives you an SEO boost due to Google’s Trustrank scoring, and also keeps your customer’s data more secure.

If you have your own HTTPS certificate issued by another authority, that you would prefer to use, then you need to ensure that it is valid for the subdomain being used – typically, this means a wildcard certificate. You will need to send us the PFX file of your certificate, and PFX password in order for us to use a third-party certificate.

Website Translation.net came as an idea, to cut the time needed to translate a website from one language to another, without duplicating the source code, so that changes in English could be reflected instantly in all other languages.


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