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Using #Electron to call a .NET #API

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Electron is a platform that allows you develop desktop applications which are cross-platform, and run on standard HTML , CSS , Javascript and Node. The mix of typically client-and-“server side” javascript is very unusual, but quite liberating.

Here is a simple example of using Electron with an API that typically would be called by server-side Node, in a desktop app here –


It’s not really that much beyond the “hello world” example, but shows the basics of using a simple user interface, and calling an API.

The code in “renderer.js” is as follows;

var api = require(‘car-registration-api-uk’);
window.$ = window.jQuery = require(‘jquery’);

function init()

function btnSearch_click()
var reg = $(“#reg”).val();
api.CheckCarRegistrationUK(reg,”*** your username here***”,function(data){

You’ll need an account on RegCheck.org.uk for this to work.

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