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New tech to cut 50% off IOT bandwidth usage. UDPAPI.com


IOT devices are often connected to the cloud via costly mobile data network connections, where every MB of data transmitted can quickly add up. Quite often an IOT device calls a HTTP endpoint in the cloud, and there is quite alot of needless overhead in the transmission of HTTP headers, and TCP/IP handshakes.

UDP/IP is a protocol designed for transmitting data that can forgive a certain level of dropped packets and out-of-order transmissions, but it has half the overhead of TCP/IP. However, you can’t just send a UDP packet to an HTTP server, and expect it to respond.

This is where UDPAPI.com comes in, you can define a UDP Port, and a HTTP endpoint, and this gateway will forward data received via the UDP protocol on that port to your defined HTTP endpoint, thus saving you up to 50% on your bandwidth costs.

UDP can half the bandwidth useage of your IOT device with respect to the more normal TCP/IP. If your IOT device is communicating over expensive cellular data networks, and is particularly ‘chatty’ then this can save you significantly on your costs. All this without having to re-write your back-end code, or alter firewall rules.

With UdpAPI.com, you modify the code in your IOT device to send a UDP packet to our server at a port that we provide you with, and we will forward the data via HTTP-POST to a URL endpoint of your choosing. We monitor for errors, and keep track of your bandwidth usage, so that you can keep an eye on problems in real-time.

UDPAPI.com is free for early adopters, and will remain free for ever for those first registered users. – Give it a go, and send us feedback!

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