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Supporting #IE10 on #AWS #Cloudfront


IE10 may have less than 5% worldwide usage, but if you want to have a inclusive website, then perhaps you shouldn’t confront them with this error message (above) when you try to serve them HTTPS content. – Maybe they should updgrade. but as a developer, that’s not your choice to make.

If you use Amazon Cloudfront over HTTPS, then by default, TLS 1.0 is not supported, and by default, TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are not supported on IE 10. So, if you can’t get your user to upgrade, then you have to make cloudfront more inclusive (and yes. less secure). But if you’re just serving images, then perhaps it’s not a big issue.

So, to fix this, go to Cludfront, and click on your distribution, click edit, and change your security policy to TLSv1_2016 and Edit.


Wait for your distribution to deploy, and you can use SSLscan to verify that TLS 1.0 is now supported, along with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2



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