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Car registration #API launched in #Bolivia


Bolivia has a relatively low motor vehicles per capita ratio of only 70 vehicles per 1,000, – meaning the total road population would be only 762,000 – however, for businesses selling into Bolivia, having an API that can quickly and accurately determine the make, model, colour, age, and policy number is a great time saver for users. – We’ve just launched our bolivian website today on http://bo.placaapi.com

Car registration plates in Bolivia  use the /CheckBolivia endpoint and return the following information:

  • Make & Model
  • Age
  • Representative image
  • Policy Number
  • Colour
  • and more…

Sample Registration Number:


Sample Json:


 “Description”: “FORD FIESTA”,

 “RegistrationYear”: “2014”,

 “CarMake”: {

   “CurrentTextValue”: “FORD”


 “CarModel”: {

   “CurrentTextValue”: “FIESTA”


 “MakeDescription”: {

   “CurrentTextValue”: “FORD”


 “ModelDescription”: {

   “CurrentTextValue”: “FIESTA”


 “Policy”: “140447810”,

 “Class”: “AUTOMOVIL”,

 “Country”: “MEXICO”,

 “Service”: “PARTICULAR”,

 “Drive”: “4 X 2 (SIMPLE)”,

 “CC”: “1600”,

 “Colour”: “ROJO METALICO”,

 “Body”: “–“,

 “Load”: “0”,

 “Doors”: “5”,

 “Location”: “LA PAZ”,

 “VehicleType”: “REEMPLACADO”,

 “ImageUrl”: “http://bo.placaapi.com/image.aspx/@Rk9SRCBGSUVTVEE=”



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