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Cloud Answering Machine services now available in 33 new countries


CloudAnsweringMachine.com is a service that allows you to have a virtual answering machine attached to a real phone number practically anywhere in the world. This means that if you want to have a number that you can publish freely, without being bombarded with spam callers.

Having a virtual answering machine allows you to separate your high-priority calls from your low-priority calls, so that someone who is not in urgent need of reply, can leave a message, and you can get back to them – where your friends , family and important business partners can still contact you on your main phone line.

You can also receive text messages on your answering machine, so it can be used to activate services without disclosing your real phone number.

Up to now, we’ve had a simple pricing structure of  $15 (USD), £ 15 (GBP) or € 12 (EUR) per month, but we’ve known that certain countries have higher setup costs to provision phone lines, so we haven’t been able to offer them.

So, we’ve decided, that although most countries will still remain on the simple $15 pricing, we’ve now opened up the possibility of 33 new countries – albeit at a higher monthly cost. These premium numbers are only bookable through the website at present, but this may change in future.

Here’s the pricing table;

Country iso monthly price (USD)
United Arab Emirates AE 50
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA 84
Barbados BB 54
Benin BJ 54
Bolivia BO 50
Botswana BW 100
Belarus BY 50
Colombia CO 50
Algeria DZ 66
Ecuador EC 68
Grenada GD 54
Georgia GE 28
Ghana GH 54
Guinea GN 54
Guatemala GT 62
Jamaica JM 54
Kenya KE 32
Cayman Islands KY 58
Mali ML 76
Macau MO 140
Mauritius MU 86
Namibia NA 66
Philippines PH 50
Serbia RS 210
Singapore SG 150
Thailand TH 50
Tunisia TN 70
Trinidad and Tobago TT 54
Tanzania TZ 54
Uganda UG 56
Vietnam VN 72
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