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Simplifying #webpush – a #HTTP to #VAPID service.


If you don’t want, or can’t install the server side components to handle web push notifications, you can use this service http://webpush.apixml.net/ to handle the push notification. As long as you can do a HTTP request, you can call this.

Send VAPID authenticated Web Push notifications with a single HTTP request

API Endpoint


Call with the following querytring variables:

  • endpoint
  • – The endpoint returned by pushManager.subscribe

  • p256dh
  • – The P256DH Key returned by pushManager.subscribe

  • auth
  • – The Auth key returned by pushManager.subscribe

  • publicKey
  • – The Public Key from VAPID

  • privateKey
  • – The Private Key from VAPID

  • payload
  • – The Json Payload

Here’s the source of the project if you want to host this yourself;



And here’s a demo in action from www.cloudansweringmachine.com

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