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List of available APIs by Google (Discovery API)

var service = new DiscoveryService(new BaseClientService.Initializer
ApplicationName = “Discovery Sample”,
ApiKey = “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,

// Run the request.
Console.WriteLine(“Executing a list request…”);
var result = await service.Apis.List().ExecuteAsync();

// Display the results.
if (result.Items != null)
foreach (DirectoryList.ItemsData api in result.Items)
Console.WriteLine(api.Id + ” – ” + api.Title);


Discovery API Sample
Executing a list request…
abusiveexperiencereport:v1 – Google Abusive Experience Report API
acceleratedmobilepageurl:v1 – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) URL API
adexchangebuyer:v1.2 – Ad Exchange Buyer API
adexchangebuyer:v1.3 – Ad Exchange Buyer API
adexchangebuyer:v1.4 – Ad Exchange Buyer API
adexchangebuyer2:v2beta1 – Ad Exchange Buyer API II
adexchangeseller:v1 – Ad Exchange Seller API
adexchangeseller:v1.1 – Ad Exchange Seller API
adexchangeseller:v2.0 – Ad Exchange Seller API
adexperiencereport:v1 – Google Ad Experience Report API
admin:datatransfer_v1 – Admin Data Transfer API
admin:directory_v1 – Admin Directory API
admin:reports_v1 – Admin Reports API
adsense:v1.4 – AdSense Management API
adsensehost:v4.1 – AdSense Host API
analytics:v2.4 – Google Analytics API
analytics:v3 – Google Analytics API
analyticsreporting:v4 – Google Analytics Reporting API
androiddeviceprovisioning:v1 – Android Device Provisioning Partner API
androidenterprise:v1 – Google Play EMM API
androidmanagement:v1 – Android Management API
androidpublisher:v1 – Google Play Developer API
androidpublisher:v1.1 – Google Play Developer API
androidpublisher:v2 – Google Play Developer API
appengine:v1alpha – Google App Engine Admin API
appengine:v1beta – Google App Engine Admin API
appengine:v1 – Google App Engine Admin API
appengine:v1beta4 – Google App Engine Admin API
appengine:v1beta5 – Google App Engine Admin API
appsactivity:v1 – G Suite Activity API
appstate:v1 – Google App State API
bigquery:v2 – BigQuery API
bigquerydatatransfer:v1 – BigQuery Data Transfer API
blogger:v2 – Blogger API
blogger:v3 – Blogger API
books:v1 – Books API
calendar:v3 – Calendar API
civicinfo:v2 – Google Civic Information API
classroom:v1 – Google Classroom API
cloudbilling:v1 – Google Cloud Billing API
cloudbuild:v1 – Cloud Container Builder API
clouddebugger:v2 – Stackdriver Debugger API
clouderrorreporting:v1beta1 – Stackdriver Error Reporting API
cloudfunctions:v2alpha1 – Google Cloud Functions API
cloudfunctions:v1 – Google Cloud Functions API
cloudfunctions:v1beta2 – Google Cloud Functions API
cloudiot:v1 – Google Cloud IoT API
cloudiot:v1beta1 – Google Cloud IoT API
cloudkms:v1 – Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API
cloudresourcemanager:v1 – Google Cloud Resource Manager API
cloudresourcemanager:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Resource Manager API
cloudresourcemanager:v2beta1 – Google Cloud Resource Manager API
cloudshell:v1alpha1 – Cloud Shell API
cloudshell:v1 – Cloud Shell API
cloudtasks:v2beta2 – Cloud Tasks API
cloudtrace:v1 – Stackdriver Trace API
cloudtrace:v2 – Stackdriver Trace API
clouduseraccounts:alpha – Cloud User Accounts API
clouduseraccounts:beta – Cloud User Accounts API
clouduseraccounts:vm_alpha – Cloud User Accounts API
clouduseraccounts:vm_beta – Cloud User Accounts API
compute:alpha – Compute Engine API
compute:beta – Compute Engine API
compute:v1 – Compute Engine API
container:v1 – Google Kubernetes Engine API
container:v1beta1 – Google Kubernetes Engine API
content:v2sandbox – Content API for Shopping
content:v2 – Content API for Shopping
customsearch:v1 – CustomSearch API
dataflow:v1b3 – Google Dataflow API
dataproc:v1 – Google Cloud Dataproc API
dataproc:v1beta2 – Google Cloud Dataproc API
datastore:v1 – Google Cloud Datastore API
datastore:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Datastore API
datastore:v1beta3 – Google Cloud Datastore API
deploymentmanager:alpha – Google Cloud Deployment Manager Alpha API
deploymentmanager:v2beta – Google Cloud Deployment Manager API V2Beta Methods
deploymentmanager:v2 – Google Cloud Deployment Manager API
dfareporting:v2.8 – DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking API
dfareporting:v3.0 – DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking API
dialogflow:v2beta1 – Dialogflow API
digitalassetlinks:v1 – Digital Asset Links API
discovery:v1 – APIs Discovery Service
dlp:v2beta1 – DLP API
dlp:v2beta2 – DLP API
dns:v1 – Google Cloud DNS API
dns:v1beta2 – Google Cloud DNS API
dns:v2beta1 – Google Cloud DNS API
doubleclickbidmanager:v1 – DoubleClick Bid Manager API
doubleclicksearch:v2 – DoubleClick Search API
drive:v2 – Drive API
drive:v3 – Drive API
firebasedynamiclinks:v1 – Firebase Dynamic Links API
firebaseremoteconfig:v1 – Firebase Remote Config API
firebaserules:v1 – Firebase Rules API
firestore:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Firestore API
fitness:v1 – Fitness
fusiontables:v1 – Fusion Tables API
fusiontables:v2 – Fusion Tables API
games:v1 – Google Play Game Services API
gamesConfiguration:v1configuration – Google Play Game Services Publishing API
gamesManagement:v1management – Google Play Game Services Management API
genomics:v1alpha2 – Genomics API
genomics:v2alpha1 – Genomics API
genomics:v1 – Genomics API
gmail:v1 – Gmail API
groupsmigration:v1 – Groups Migration API
groupssettings:v1 – Groups Settings API
iam:v1 – Google Identity and Access Management (IAM) API
identitytoolkit:v3 – Google Identity Toolkit API
kgsearch:v1 – Knowledge Graph Search API
language:v1 – Google Cloud Natural Language API
language:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Natural Language API
language:v1beta2 – Google Cloud Natural Language API
licensing:v1 – Enterprise License Manager API
logging:v2 – Stackdriver Logging API
logging:v2beta1 – Stackdriver Logging API
manufacturers:v1 – Manufacturer Center API
mirror:v1 – Google Mirror API
ml:v1 – Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine
monitoring:v3 – Stackdriver Monitoring API
oauth2:v1 – Google OAuth2 API
oauth2:v2 – Google OAuth2 API
oslogin:v1alpha – Google Cloud OS Login API
oslogin:v1beta – Google Cloud OS Login API
oslogin:v1 – Google Cloud OS Login API
pagespeedonline:v1 – PageSpeed Insights API
pagespeedonline:v2 – PageSpeed Insights API
partners:v2 – Google Partners API
people:v1 – Google People API
playcustomapp:v1 – Google Play Custom App Publishing API
plus:v1 – Google+ API
plusDomains:v1 – Google+ Domains API
poly:v1 – Poly API
prediction:v1.2 – Prediction API
prediction:v1.3 – Prediction API
prediction:v1.4 – Prediction API
prediction:v1.5 – Prediction API
prediction:v1.6 – Prediction API
proximitybeacon:v1beta1 – Google Proximity Beacon API
pubsub:v1beta1a – Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
pubsub:v1 – Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
pubsub:v1beta2 – Google Cloud Pub/Sub API
replicapool:v1beta1 – Replica Pool API
replicapool:v1beta2 – Google Compute Engine Instance Group Manager API
replicapoolupdater:v1beta1 – Google Compute Engine Instance Group Updater API
reseller:v1 – Enterprise Apps Reseller API
resourceviews:v1beta1 – Resource Views API
resourceviews:v1beta2 – Google Compute Engine Instance Groups API
runtimeconfig:v1 – Google Cloud Runtime Configuration API
runtimeconfig:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Runtime Configuration API
safebrowsing:v4 – Google Safe Browsing API
script:v1 – Google Apps Script API
searchconsole:v1 – Google Search Console URL Testing Tools API
serviceconsumermanagement:v1 – Service Consumer Management API
servicecontrol:v1 – Google Service Control API
servicemanagement:v1 – Google Service Management API
serviceusage:v1 – Service Usage API
serviceuser:v1 – Google Service User API
sheets:v4 – Google Sheets API
siteVerification:v1 – Google Site Verification API
slides:v1 – Google Slides API
sourcerepo:v1 – Cloud Source Repositories API
spanner:v1 – Cloud Spanner API
spectrum:v1explorer – Google Spectrum Database API
speech:v1 – Google Cloud Speech API
speech:v1beta1 – Google Cloud Speech API
sqladmin:v1beta3 – Cloud SQL Administration API
sqladmin:v1beta4 – Cloud SQL Administration API
storage:v1 – Cloud Storage JSON API
storage:v1beta1 – Cloud Storage JSON API
storage:v1beta2 – Cloud Storage JSON API
storagetransfer:v1 – Google Storage Transfer API
streetviewpublish:v1 – Street View Publish API
surveys:v2 – Surveys API
tagmanager:v1 – Tag Manager API
tagmanager:v2 – Tag Manager API
taskqueue:v1beta1 – TaskQueue API
taskqueue:v1beta2 – TaskQueue API
tasks:v1 – Tasks API
testing:v1 – Google Cloud Testing API
toolresults:v1beta3 – Cloud Tool Results API
tpu:v1alpha1 – Cloud TPU API
translate:v2 – Google Cloud Translation API
urlshortener:v1 – URL Shortener API
vault:v1 – Google Vault API
videointelligence:v1beta1 – Cloud Video Intelligence API
vision:v1p1beta1 – Google Cloud Vision API
vision:v1p2beta1 – Google Cloud Vision API
vision:v1 – Google Cloud Vision API
webfonts:v1 – Google Fonts Developer API
webmasters:v3 – Search Console API
youtube:v3 – YouTube Data API
youtubeAnalytics:v1 – YouTube Analytics API
youtubeAnalytics:v1beta1 – YouTube Analytics API
youtubereporting:v1 – YouTube Reporting API
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