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Own Domain #email backed by #GMail without paying for #GSuite


Many domain registrars offer the option for email forwarding on your domain for free, so you can set email sent to info@yourdomain.com to go to you@gmail.com – however, when you reply to an email, the sender is you@gmail.com, not info@yourdomain.com, so the illusion is lost. – But there is a trick.

So, First off, you set up your email forwarding at your registrar, or if your registrar can’t do this, then you can also use the forwarding option at http://www.domaindeflect.com/

Now, you need to set up a SMTP server that will handle outbound email from your domain, I recommend Elastic Email to set this up:


Once you have set up a SMTP server to handle your outbound email, then you go into Gmail, click Settings > Accounts and Import > Add another Email Address

Enter in your name, email address (info@yourdomain.com), enter in your SMTP server, SMTP username and password from Elastic Email, and then press next step. An email will be sent to info@yourdomain.com from the “Gmail Team”, to verify the process. Click on this link.

You should also select the option to “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”, so that by default, the email address is maintained.



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