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#Austrian #NatCode API for #BMVIT


Austria has a system of NatCode id numbers (“Nationaler Code”) developed by Eurotax / Glasss’ that uniquely identifies each make and model of vehicle within for Road tax purposes, and this is now available via an API at http://www.natcode.at

The data can be downloaded in bulk for import into your own database via the following link:  https://payhip.com/b/tS0x

The Austrian API accepts Eurotax NatCode (Nationaler Code) numbers instead of number plates. A NatCode is a unique number under which is registered with the BMVIT.

This API is accessed via the /CheckAustria endpoint, where NatCode is an integer. It returns the following data:

  • Make & Model
  • Engine Size in KW and HorsePower (PS)
  • Engine Capacity
  • Indicative price (new)
  • Date range
  • Transmission
  • Representative image

Sample KBA Number:


Sample Json:

“Description”: “Abarth Abarth 124 Spider Aut. “,
“CarMake”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Abarth ”
“CarModel”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Abarth 124 Spider”
“MakeDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Abarth ”
“ModelDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “Abarth 124 Spider”
“PowerKW”: 125,
“PowerHP”: 169,
“EngineSize”: 1368,
“IndicativeValue”: 44000,
“DateRange”: “2016”,
“ImageUrl”: “http://www.natcode.at/image.aspx/@QWJhcnRoICBBYmFydGggMTI0IFNwaWRlcg==”

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