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#KBA API for Germany based on #Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt data


We just launched KbaAPI.de this morning, which is an API that allows a lookup of the German KBA (“Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt”) data. Unlike other countries in the network, the German API accepts KBA numbers instead of number plates.

The data can be purchased as a CSV import for your own database here https://payhip.com/b/PqsL

A KBA number (“Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt”) is a unique number under which is registered with the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The KBA number can be found on the vehicle registration in boxes 2 and 3 or in the registration certificate Part 1 under 2.1.
and 2.2. This API is accessed via the /CheckGermany endpoint, where KBANumber is in the format HSN/TSN (Herstellerschlüsselnummer / Typschlüsselnummer), it returns the following data:
● Make & Model
● Engine Size in KW and HorsePower (PS)
● Engine Capacity
● Fuel type
● Representative image
Sample KBA Number:
Sample Json:
“Description”: “ALFA GIULIETTA Spider 1.3 [196101 – 196212] (59kW 80hp Otto AR 00508)”,
“CarMake”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “alfa romeo”
“CarModel”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “GIULIETTA SPIDER”
“MakeDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “alfa romeo”
“ModelDescription”: {
“CurrentTextValue”: “GIULIETTA SPIDER”
“PowerKW”: 59,
“PowerHP”: 80,
“EngineSize”: 1281,
“Fuel”: “Benzin”,

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