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Set up #Sage on a remote #server


If you have multiple users on Sage, who are not on the same network – i.e. perhaps working from home. Then you will want to move the sage data to a remote server, so that all users can access the same sage data.

  1. Rent a WINDOWS server. a VPS should do, OVH do one for £9/month
  2. Set up an VPN to the windows server. Not so easy, glossing over this point
  3. Close Sage, and copy the Company.000 folder to the server, and share it with a network share
  4. Ensure you can see this folder from Windows explorer with \\[Server]\[Share]\Company.000
  5. Now, install the Sage Data Services software on the server. You can download this as part of the trial software from Sage, or just here 
  6. Find the COMPANY file on your local machine, and open it in notepad, and change the C:\programdata\…\Company.000 file to \\[Server]\[Share]\Company.000
  7. Re-open Sage


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