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#Nuget #Package for #WordPress.com #API


If you want to automate processes based on the WordPress API – especially in situations where you want to do so without user interaction (i.e. server side / unattended / without oAuth), and you know C# / .NET, then this nuget package is for you.

First, you install the package via Nuget package manager;

Install-Package WordPressAPI 

Then, in order to authenticate yourself against WordPress,  You will need a wordpress username, password, and blog ID.  Get your Blog ID by going to https://developer.wordpress.com/docs/api/console/ then Login and search /me/sites or /sites/hello.wordpress.com

And here is a simple code example

var strAccessToken = WordPressComAPI.Wordpress.Login(new WordPressComAPI.Wordpress.Credentials
	Username = xxxxxx,
	Password = xxxxxx,
	blogId = xxxxx
var strSite = https://public-api.wordpress.com/rest/v1.1/sites/blog.dotnetframework.org;
var jSite = WordPressComAPI.Wordpress.Get(strSite,strAccessToken);
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