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Comparison of Dedicated Windows Servers; for me @easyspace wins


Supplier Ref Memory Speed Disk Price / month (after 1st year, ex VAT) / GBP Url / notes
1and1 XL32 32 3.8 2TB 124.99
Ovh SP-32 32 4.2 2TB 60+17 = 77
coreix SC512L 16 3.5 1TB 144
Kimsufi KS-5 16 2 2TB 38 – NOT WINDOWS


X5650 32 ? 4TB 79.99

Going to move server shortly, after a RAID failure in our 1&1 server, which we’ve had for just under 2 years. So I was looking for something similar, but a little better, than the 24GB 3.4 GHZ quad code 2TB server that (l4i) that we currently pay £80 ex VAT for each month.

Initially, I was just going to go for an upgrade with the same hosting company, but the jump from £80 to £125 seemed too much, even if it had more memory.

So, I hunted around. OVH had a very good deal alt £77, but for VAT reasons, I wanted to be billed from a UK company against our Irish VAT, so it could be zero rated. OVH had an Irish company, which was not what I wanted.

Kimsufi was very cheap, and uses OVH infrastructure, but it only offers Linux, which is no good.

IBM, Amazon, and Azure were way off the mark in terms of price so I didn’t include them.

Eventually I went with EasySpace, even though their online form didn’t work very well, and they take 48 hours to set up when OVH could set up in 2. – but I’m not in a huge rush.

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