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New #Swift3 Package published on #swiftModules @corydmc


To help Swift developers integrate our API easily into their app, with just two lines of code, we’ve just published a wrapper for our Car Registration API on SwiftModules here



A wrapper for the Car Registration API in Swift. You will require a username and password from http://www.vehicleregistrationapi.com This API returns car details from a car number plate in many countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Australia, India. A full list is shown below.



import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "MyApp",
    targets: [],
    dependencies: [
        .Package(url: "https://github.com/infiniteloopltd/SwiftCarRegistrationAPI.git",


import car_registration

let dict = australia_lookup(registrationNumber: "YHC14Y", state: "NSW", username:"***your username***", password:"*** password ***")

print(dict["Description"] ?? "error");

Other members of the car_registration package are

  • australia_lookup
  • usa_lookup
  • europe_lookup

Both australia and usa accept four parameters, registrationNumber, state, username and password, and returns a [String: Any] europe_lookup does not require the state parameter, but instead, requires a endpoint parameter, which can be one of the following strings;

  • Check (UK)
  • CheckBelgium
  • CheckCroatia
  • CheckCzechRepublic
  • CheckDenmark
  • CheckEstonia
  • CheckFinland
  • CheckFrance
  • CheckHungary
  • CheckIndia
  • CheckIreland
  • CheckItaly
  • CheckNetherlands
  • CheckNewZealand
  • CheckNigeria
  • CheckNorway
  • CheckPortugal
  • CheckRussia
  • CheckSlovakia
  • CheckSouthAfrica
  • CheckSpain
  • CheckSriLanka
  • CheckSweden
  • CheckUAE
  • CheckUSA
  • CheckAustralia


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