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Using #Fortumo payments from within a #Cordova App @Fortumo


Fortumo offers a payment service based on premium SMS and direct carrier billing, it’s ideal for collecting micro-payments from customers who don’t have a credit card. It’s ideal for Android / Windows Phone apps.

They have great SDKs for native Android / Windows Phone, but if you’re developing a hybrid app, like based on Cordova, then you can use their WebSDK, and this is how I integrated it using the InAppBrowser

var webbrowser = window.open(“https://pay.fortumo.com/mobile_payments/dafc782dbdb9fd193b970f359af045a8“, “_blank”);

webbrowser.addEventListener(‘loadstart’, function (event) {
if (event.url == “https://infiniteloop.ie/“)

Now, the long GUID marked in bold, and the return url will be different for your application – you’ll get this from Fortumo.

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