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#Active #Intrusion #Detection / detect and trace data breaches on your network.


The weakest point of security on a network can often be its users. If a disgruntled employee emails your server passwords to a competitor, there is no firewall or anti-virus that can detect this.

Systems like Firewalls and Antivirus software stop unauthorised users access your network, but authorised users being either careless or malicious with your sensitive data is not something that would be detected or prevented by standard network security.

What this software does, is allow you define a set of “Red Flags”, which can be either password fragments, or other sensitive data, and then it will listen silently to network traffic until such time as the user tries to send this sensitive data insecurely over the network.

If an insecure transmission of sensitive data is detected, then immediately an email is sent to the network administrator, who can take action by resetting the passwords on any compromised systems, and track down the perpetrator of the leak via the user’s computer name and IP address.

Although this system does not prevent the transmission of sensitive data over the network, it does detect when such transmission has occurred, and allows prompt action to limit the damage caused by such a leak.

Want to learn more ? head on on over to https://www.activeintrusiondetection.com and install the software – It’s free, please spread the word.



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