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Cloud Answering Machine.com – A #hosted, #virtual #answering machine service.

CloudAnsweringMachine.com – is a hosted, virtual answering machine service, where you can create a new phone number that will handle your calls for you. You can select a phone number anywhere in the world, from a list of thousands, and then, any calls to this number will be recorded, and emailed to you.

You can also check your messages online, or via an API – an App is coming soon!

You can record your own greeting, and the number also handles inbound SMS messages also. – great if you want to create a second WhatsApp account.

Why have an online answering machine?, well, it’s designed for people who just don’t have the time to handle all the calls they get in one day. In this way, you can handle all your calls in your own time, rather than being interrupted every 5 minutes when you are trying to work.

It’s also useful if you are dealing with people that you may not fully trust, like on an online dating website – or perhaps if you have to provide a phone number to some service, but you don’t want to be bombarded with sales calls.


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