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Own domain email #forwarding #API #MX


Just added a new feature to http://www.domaindeflect.com/ – the ability to set up a catch all email forwarder on your own domain, for free.

Although quite a number of Domain registrars offer this service for free, i.e namecheap, and there is a number of paid services that offer more customisation, (Postmark , Mailgun etc.) I’ve fond the ImprovMX offers a great simple option.

It offers you the ability to forward  *@youdomain.com to a single email address. There is no further options available, but that’s what I’d say most people would want.

All you do, is set your DNS MX records on your domain as follows;

Host Value Priority
@ mx1.improvmx.com 10
@ mx2.improvmx.com 20

And, once that’s done, you enter it into the website, and press “Submit”, and if the DNS has been set correctly, your email will forward immediately.


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  1. March 14, 2020 at 2:46 pm

    I have launched simular service: https://emailforward.mx. Would you mind to list me also?


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