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Force touch #Javascript #3DTouch


Force touch is a feature of iPhone 6S and above, and Android N devices (Huawei 7P) – it’s by no means widely supported, but if you fancy doing something special for your high-end users, then it’s an option to use for a “hidden feature” or shortcut. – A Peek to view master-detail anyone?

In Javascript it’s easily implemented; touchforcechange event, and ensure that “force” is set to 1 (maximum). If you don’t check the “force” value, then this will react to gentle clicks too – confusing the interface with the”click” event.

var element = document.getElementById(‘forceMe’);
function addForceTouchToElement(elem) {

elem.addEventListener(‘webkitmouseforcechanged’, onClickForceChange, false);
elem.addEventListener(‘touchforcechange‘, onTouchForceChange, false);

function onClickForceChange(e) {

function onTouchForceChange(e) {
if (e.changedTouches[0].force == 1)


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