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#Sentry #JS #Error reporting @getsentry


Ever had an idea, and thought, I wonder does this already exist. You do a quick search on Google, and you find someone has done it really well. That’s what I found with Sentry.io

I’ve always been plagued with clients or customers saying vague things like, “this form doesn’t work”, when the fact was, that they put a hyphen in the mobile phone input box – which seems normal to them, but you didn’t think of it. It’s those type of “non-reproducible”  errors that cause most heartache, because you can’t see them, but the client can.

With two lines of code (yes, honestly, 2), Sentry.io can capture these errors and report them on a screen that even highlights the exact line of code where the error happened. Even better than the console window.

Looks a great bit of kit!


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  1. February 9, 2017 at 10:09 am

    It’s worth noting here, that if your JS app is based on angular, then you need to use different code…

    i.e. https://cdn.ravenjs.com/3.10.0/angular/raven.min.js

    and then add “ngRaven” to your app config;

    var App= angular.module(‘myApp’,



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