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Emergency #Website recovery service – WebserverDown.com

Has your website been hacked?, has your server crashed?, lost your backups?

This service allows you recover your website instantly from a cached copy held at the Internet Archive. This allows you get an old version of your website back online while you fix the problem with your server.

Just the thing to have close at hand during a server emergency WebserverDown.com


 The Internet archive contains 279 Billion webpages, if one of them is your website, then it can be recovered.
  • After verifying that your website can be recovered we download the last working copy of your website from the Internet Archive
  • By changing the DNS settings on your domain to point to our server, rather than your broken server, then we serve a working copy of your website instead.
  • Once your server is back on-line, you change your DNS settings back, and you are back to normal

DNS Configuration

In order to direct traffic to the recovered website, then you will need to edit the DNS configuration of your domain to set your “www” CNAME record to point at host.webserverdown.com, This is typically done at the website where you bought your domain name, most common registrars are covered here.


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